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Friday, July 19, 2013

Validate, Communicate, Initiate: Why Registering with DIR as a Verfied, Diverse Supplier is Good Business

DIR redesigned some helpful, at-a-glance fliers recently. In doing so, we wrote, re-wrote and pared down a lot of information. We decided to turn the ‘too long to read on a postcard” copy into a blog post as it gives an informative, detailed recap of what DIR offers to diverse suppliers. We have a lot to say about Supplier Diversity because we’ve been in this industry since 1968 and to this date, supplier diversity is all we do. We know “45 is the new 30,” so we feel as energized as ever about “Driving Supplier Diversity Success”!

Registering your company as a verified diverse supplier is good business (SupplierGATEWAY is DIR's tech partner, and their software powers the registration portal). Supplier diversity is about expanding opportunities, not just ‘fair’ business and equal opportunity. It’s about economic development and access to competitive pricing and entrepreneurial ideas throughout the supply chain.

DIR's Supplier Diversity Information Resource Guide is an encyclopedia of information on the Supplier Diversity industry. It's a great reference publication for suppliers and procurement professionals.

Supplier diversity provides flexibility to DIR's corporate clients by offering sourcing solutions that are competitive, creative and responsive to changing markets. Corporations recognize that a diverse supplier base is vital to reaching strategic business objectives while assuring company profitability. Just ask a DIR Board Member!

Third party certification is extremely important; it’s often used as a first “sort”. Are you certified? Look into it—DIR’s website offerslinks to help. DIR’s unique certification validation gives buyers confidence when sourcing and provides search/sourcing capabilities at their fingertips.

Benefits of registration include:

  • priority consideration from thousands of procurement professionals (because your information is verfied by DIR)
  • the ability to provide real-time updates and current references to your profile
  • online storage of marketing material
  • access to online postings and matchmaking sessions

Are your sales & marketing materials getting into the right hands? DIR’s “Purchasing People in Major Corporations” database (available online & in print) gives you direct access to supplier diversity professionals who are liaisons to procurement teams. Create targeted, meaningful campaigns and deliver them to the right hands (and email boxes) in major corporations, government departments, educational institutions and large nonprofits. Walk the talk and source from diverse suppliers yourself. You can with DIR’s National Minority and Women-Owned Business Directory.

DIR’s online calendar of events keeps diverse suppliers in the loop to initiate conversations at numerous corporate matchmaking events and regional business fairs sponsored by corporations who are seeking a broader supplier base.

Visit and learn even more about how your diverse-owned organization benefits from registration. It’s always free to register.